I'm am not a full time Pro. I call myself "semi-pro". I enjoy photography a great deal
and I like that I'm able to provide quality prints and digital files, at reasonable
prices with no minimums. It is work and my time but I don't charge much and I think I'm
giving excellent value for the money.


4x6 are $3.50
5x7 are $5.00
8x10 or 8x12 are $11.00

JPEG files are $4 each and are sized 1000 pixels on the long side

Print & JPEG add $1 to the print price

Individual posters are $75 - $100 (see samples here)
Team Posters are $35 (7 print minimum)

If you are not local, I can accept PayPal or you can mail me a check and I will ship to you (you pay
postage charges are usually around $2.00)

Orders over $25 - 5% discount
Orders over $50 - 10% discount

To Order

Above each image is a file name. The last 7 characters are what I need. Usually this is something like
"1d_1234" or 7d_1234. If you can also give me the date of the game it will help me out
to make sure I have the correct image. Then just send me an e-mail by clicking here

Team Special: For use on the teams web page or Facebook page only. I offer medium sized jpegs (450
pixels on the long edge) with a small copyright in the lower right corner. These, images are $2 each
for the first 10, $1 each after that. In addition, a link back to my site must also be provide.
Images will be sent via email.